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Infertility & Female Foeticide

Varada Kaiga

Infertility & Female Foeticide
an anthology of poems by Varada Kaiga

Infertility: She Will be the Strongest Mother

She has a special place for her unborn child in her heart

To become a good mother with empty arms is an art

Those injections and surgeries left a big bruise

And there she waits and prays for one good news

Oh darling, please realize the power you endure

To hide that grief and to believe faith is the cure

The society is so cruel who labelled her as cursed

They burdened her with pain that can't be versed

How long will they take to realize a mother's worth?

That it's something more than the concept of birth.

Female Foeticide

She may be small

But she has feelings too

She is wondering what was her fault?

That she wasn’t a boy?

She will still love you the same

She will still bring you fame

Let her be born

Let the world pamper her

Let the world watch her ascend the throne.

- Varada

Infertility: Why don't people understand that motherhood is something more than the concept of birth. A woman who can't give birth to a child can also be a good mother. And she will be the strongest mother too.

Biography: I am Varada, from India. I just finished my graduation. I love to read and write. I started posting my writings on my instagram pages: elixirofthoughts, shethepoetess. I strongly believe that self love is everything and everyone should realize that self love is a journey different to everyone.

Instagram: @elixirofthoughts

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