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Our chapters take a piece of Dear Asian Youth back to their own communities — transforming their homes too be more engaged, more accepting, and more empowered.

about our chapter program

The Dear Asian Youth Chapter Program is the extension of Dear Asian Youth empowering young leaders in their schools and communities to celebrate Asian youth through discussion, collaboration, and action. While creating an international network of dedicated youth, the Dear Asian Youth strives to support young leaders in creating local change, equipping DAY chapters with the proper tools and resources to do so.


Our goal with the DAY Chapter Program is to provide local changemakers with the skills and power to influence and affect the world around them.


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What do Chapters Have to Say?

“Being a Chapter lead at DAY has offered me the opportunity to find both a local and international network of diverse, like-minded individuals. I’ve really enjoyed the experience of trying something new, considering that have never put myself forward for leadership positions before!”

Yiwen, DAY @ London

“From the moment I started my chapter, the guidance and support I’ve received has been immeasurable. Seeing the community that DAY continues to build never ceases to be rewarding.”

DAY @ Hongkong

“Starting a chapter has allowed me to connect with others in my community who share similar ideas. I am incredibly grateful for the friendships I’ve made and am excited to continue to grow my chapter. I highly recommend anyone else to get involved with DAY and start a chapter!”

Kelly, DAY @ Wake County

"why should i start a chapter?" 

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1. You Can Create Local Change

Always wanted to create a local change but had no idea how to? That’s where DAY chapters come in! ALL DAY chapters offer a unique leadership opportunity for Asian youth to empower others in their own community.

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2. You’ll Enter an Amazing Support Network

You will be connected with Dear Asian Youth’s amazing Chapter Committee, whose sole responsibility is to ensure that YOU feel supported as a leader of a chapter. We will guide you through the process via handy resources and fun Chapter Lead calls that surprisingly result in a good bit of bonding. Not to mention, our Chapter Committee is only ever a call (or a text) away!


3. You Can Build and Nurture a Community

Connect with other Asian youth and build relationships with those in your community.

start a chapter!

Chapter application


1. What is a Chapter?

DAY Chapters are extensions of DAY focused locally within high schools, colleges/universities, and communities. Chapters work to push forward DAY’s mission across the globe, empowering their local communities in Asian advocacy.

2. What does a Chapter do?

What makes our chapters special is their unique flexibility to launch any initiatives that best fit their community’s needs. Our chapters do it all, including hosting discussions and bonding events, launching impactful campaigns, advocating for policy/legislation, curating educational infographics on Instagram, and so much more!

3. Do I need any professional experience to start a Chapter or join one?

No professional experience is needed! Our members range from high school students, university students, and young adults in the workplace.

4. Is there a DAY Chapter near me?

You can find the full list of our Chapters here

5. How do I start a DAY Chapter?

First, check if there is an already-existing DAY chapter in your area here. If so, you can always join the active DAY chapter as a member, and/or start a different type of DAY chapter in that region (eg. school chapter as opposed to community chapter).

Then, complete the above application to start your DAY chapter! This is YOUR opportunity to create real change!

6. How does Dear Asian Youth support our Chapters?

Unsure of how to establish a chapter? Our devoted Chapter Committee is here to support you every step of the way, including:

  • Direct communication on a daily basis

  • Monthly Resource Guides

  • Readily accessible toolkits

  • Training on leadership, social media/marketing, and membership recruitment

  • Bimonthly meetings

  • One-on-one check-ins

  • Chapter-wide initiatives designed by the Chapter Committee

  • Assistance in any project hosted by your chapter

  • Connection to a large network of other chapters to discuss and collaborate

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