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what was DAY day?

Dear Asian Youth (DAY) Day was our advocacy event on January 27, 2023 where our team members and members of the public gathered together and advocated for legislation that supports the core values and missions of Dear Asian Youth to local legislative bodies. 

We gathered at "hubs" to directly speak to legislators, network with others in their community, and attend a professional development workshop.

our DAY day hubs

DAY day (1).png

photos from the event!


"DAY Day gave me an unparalleled opportunity to speak with leaders in not only my community, but leaders of my country to attempt to make progress on issues that I personally care about. From advocacy to personal and professional development, DAY Day really helped me to grow." 

- Rohan Lokanadham
"DAY Day 2023 hosted by Dear Asian Youth was a wonderful event and very successful considering it was their first in-person event! It was an opportunity for us to develop our professional skills while also making amazing new friends and connections in the process."

- Pahal Raval, Founder of South Asian Youth Institute
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