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a poem by Cathay Lau

“Cicadas have been featured in literature since the time of Homer's Iliad, and as motifs in art from the Chinese Shang dynasty. They have also been used in myth and folklore as symbols of carefree living and immortality”


In the dark,

A place they call “home”,

away from shadows

where all is seen,

I dream of green.

Buried in soil,

away from the light,

I wait for the day

where I can witness the sight

of the sun on my wings.

Against the crisp air

when the night comes alive,

my shell is viridescent

for Summer has arrived.

When I transform,

I will please Apollo

with my songs of ecstasy

and people will follow.

I wait for my sacred birth.

Will the life before me

subside into death when the birds pick me hollow,

immortality finally at rest?

- Cathay

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