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When Will it Be Enough?

Updated: Mar 12

dear asian youth,

tamad ka. you are lazy.

wala kang magawa para sa sarili mo. you can’t do anything for yourself.

nanay, tatay, when will it be enough?

i thought i’ve been doing everything right.

all you ask of me are respect and good grades,

and that’s exactly what i’ve been giving.

i’ve been working hard on my own.

i’ve been trying to become independent.

i thought that you would be




but when you see that my room isn’t spick and span

when you see that i’m checking my phone instead of folding my laundry

why do you say such things?

why is it so easy for you to criticize me

judge me?

disapprove of me

yet every time i tell you of my achievements

you say, “yun ang inaasahan ko.” that’s what i expect.

i don’t understand.

i no longer know what you want from me.

i know what i want to do

or who i want to be.

i’m doing so much on my own that you can’t even see.

yet i cannot provide perfection.

is that why?