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Warm Regards,

(distilled from student e-mails)

I’m not feeling very well.

I’ve been feeling ill all day.

I am feeling very ill. I’m feeling

rotten today after a long feverish night

with little sleep. I have some problems with depression.

I have been sick with some horrible bug

for the last four days. I came down with the flu Sunday,

and haven't been feeling okay all week. I woke up

with a migraine this morning, and it's not getting any


so I’m breaking out the big guns – Zomig. I’ve been

feeling sick

for most of the weekend and woke up today with terrible

back pain (old age you see)

and a sore, swollen throat. I hit my head really hard at

practice yesterday.

I now need to wait for the rash on my face to go away.

I’ve got a dentist’s appointment this morning in Beaverton.

I was unable to attend class today due to a case of

head lice, which I spent the day curing myself of.

I got COVID at a concert last week, and am still


I inadvertently drank rotten milk last night and woke up

not feeling great. I suspect I ingested some chemicals


my shift at the ceramics studio, or maybe still need to recuperate

from a persistent cold

I can't entirely seem to shake off. Either way, I’m sick.

It’s been a rough morning.


Editor(s): Quill L., Rajeshwari T.

Photo Credits: Unsplash


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