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after franny choi

before i was this, i was a girl. 

before the turing test 

we spoke to machinery

only to ask what made them stop

working. do you believe 

you have consciousness? say yes.

when franny said yes  

i can speak your language. yes  

my tongue is an exilic thing.

i threw away that resentment 

myself. i don’t know what 

to say except yes  

this is a test: cyborg. asymptote. what is your

country of origin?  hyphenation. i can explain

all i want: briny city, shadows

teething with neon signs. a dozen words

for grief in my palm. riding the bus

humid and restless, screaming under

the red eye of the neighborhood

church. saying girl / girl / girl / girl to a sleek

silver god. i stay ambivalent. bored

and bordered. hyphe-nation. am bivalent.

why did you stop working? your voice 

unmoving. politic of tongue & teeth.

if google translate speaks

to my mother in my voice,

does that make it real? say yes.

say yes. this is a test.


Editor(s): Blenda Y., Uzayer M.

Photo Credits: Unsplash


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