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The Sun is Not Kind

Updated: Mar 12


They said there was a suicide on Gajwa Road, and now it’s haunted.

Hwangeum Street is empty.

If you want silence, you can go to Gwanak District,

but that’s too far.


Jieun Kim from apartment 113

hitchhiked on a dream,

the fleeting midnight KORAIL. She left with

skinny arms,

in a gingham skirt

but came home with a broken wrist

to match her heart.

Maybe in another life,

the train would slow for her

and she would stay.


Seohyun moved back in 2001.

She brought us plastic dolls and made-up stories.

She said it felt weird here, after seeing bigger and better.

Said it felt


I thought she was right.


“Please keep off of the train tracks.”

The speakers scream,


A pudgy, wide-eyed little girl steps

behind the yellow caution tape.

“Officials are on their way.”

It’s rush hour.

The girl begins to cry and the deaf man