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The Loudest Silence

Updated: Feb 19

The bathroom door enclosing me is broken,


Memories of its collapse

Leave paint-chipped sores to growl;

Hissing hinges and lacklustre locks

Keep me inside.

The shower screens containing me are broken,


Magnetic closures squint,

Perverting the filmy plastic to warp;

Wincing wheels and simmering steam

Keep room dry.

The shower cleansing me is broken,


Drops trace down my hair,

Curling around my calves to disperse;

Echoing secrets that wash away

Keep me hidden.

The drain is broken,


Crumbling fragments crawl and lodge my pipes,

Gargling every water fall to swallow;

Soaking skin and drowning debris

Keep me quiet.

The rain hasn't spoken today.

They sing like a choir,

Conducted by a thrumming crowd

Of solitary heartbeats.

Rumbling permeates and billows

Within my walls;

Keep ringing — I’m disconnecting...