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Term 2: Waiting Game

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Term 2: Waiting Game

Dear Asian Youth,

I don’t know if any of you have watched college decision videos, but I sure have. I used to stay up watching those videos - as a senior writing college apps, they were a source of motivation, comfort, and enjoyment. I dreamed of getting into college ED1 without having to worry about my senior year. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 safety precautions and rejection from my ED1, I can’t go out with friends and celebrate my senior year, and there is no comfort in being rejected from my dream college. My Term 1 just ended. The last of my grades got sent off to college. Now, I’m left with tons of time.

Well, what should I do with that time? I can’t go to any restaurants or shops because of COVID-19 restrictions I will obviously abide by. My friends are in different states right now because they are attending school virtually. I started to appreciate my time alone immensely because I’m able to simply relax after classes. I comb the internet for ways to connect with friends virtually, looking for games to play via Facetime. I want to just press fast forward and get my other college decisions, but because I can’t I might as well spend my quality time wisely.

If you’re wondering what to do with your own time and finding yourself stuck, spend it on yourself. As much as you might like to resume pre-COVID activities, that’s impossible until the whole country is safe. Maybe pick up a hobby like cooking (I have) and learn cultural dishes (look up lobster yee mein if you want a recommendation of food to cook). I also have found myself watching several streamers and YouTubers late at night: you know which ones. I’ve hopped on the trend of watching Korean cafe vlogs and mukbangers like Sangyoon and Sulgi. The thing is, after you hand in college applications, it’s like you are missing something in your life. It becomes so ingrained in your everyday that once you finish, you forget that it’s in the hands of another now. So, just spend your time the way you want to and play the waiting game with me.



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