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Take a Breath

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Dear Asian Youth,

didn’t think we’d make it this far, did we?

as we race to leave 2020 in the dust

build 2021 from the ashes

as finals determine if we get those extra points we need to pass

as seasonal depression fills our hearts with melancholy

as we see old memories of better days pop up on snapchat and instagram

i am here to shine a light on the darkness we’ve been feeling lately,

and to tell you that i am so proud of you.

i am proud that you were able to bloom where there was no sun

thrive where there was no water

i am proud that you keep your petals from wilting


drying up

i am proud that you’re still hanging in there, despite the fact that you have to stare at a computer screen for




i am proud that you are


and i know that it's hard

but take a breath.

and it’ll all be okay.

it’s okay if you need a little extra time in bed.

it’s okay if some days are harder than others.

it’s okay if you sometimes can’t find the motivation to do your homework

and can only find comfort in a monotone endless routine

of sitting, sleeping, and scrolling.

but just




you need it.

we’ll be alright<3

- Julianne


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