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Saludo, Kapitan (salute, captain)

Updated: Feb 19

"will you come with us to visit your lolo?"

i shrugged my father's question off with a grunt about my classes.

"I'll go on the next trip."

now, i sit on my way to your wake as the winds of agoo, la union sing their taunting breezes, "you're too late, anak. you should've come back sooner"

i know; i know i should've come back when i had the chance.

now you're gone, yet i don't know how to grieve.

how do you mourn someone you haven't made time for, in six years?

i didn't expect to shed a tear,

but as the navy set off the honorable gun salute, a wave of woe immediately overwhelmed me.

i didn't have to fully know you to love and appreciate you; that love has always been ingrained in me.

i remember you, kapitan, as a man who served and loved our nation, and in turn, who served and loved us.

now, all i can offer is my gratitude.

thank you for loving me in spite of the selfishness i chose over you.

every time i look at my father, i will be able to see you through his eyes.

thank you for giving me a family. like you, i have been gifted a father who has made it his duty to serve the country.

i know you are just as proud as i am of him, if not, more.