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Pieces on Love

Updated: Aug 1, 2023


Love flows through our world in so many ways and forms. Here is a collection of pieces expressing love in different ways. - Chris Fong Chew

Love Letter to Boston - Chris Fong Chew

A letter dedicated to moving to Boston at 18 and, eventually, finding home in unexpected places.


"To the strange and funny places I end up calling home. Your brick and mortar homes, your towering glass and metal skyscrapers..."

To Achichi - Emily Dissanayake

Written to her Achichi, paternal grandmother, Emily explores the complexity of love and personhood in this piece.


"I am writing you a letter because I know you will never read it. I know you will never read anything I have written. Because poetry is nonsense. Poetry is for the romantic, the dreamer. Poetry is for those who, as you say, have no goddamn common sense."

"the universe is so much bigger than you realize" - Lilirose Luo

A poem exploring the multitudes of love present within every nook & cranny of the universe, ultimately whittling down to intimate relationships.


"Every spring, I wonder how the worms

survive the frost. Surely, the red-breasted robins need

to feed in order to sing the way they do. a lullaby for the hunger"


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