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Pieces on Holidays & Traditions


Traditions and cultural celebrations make up much of my yearly highlights. From celebrating Lunar New Year with a cluster of extended family members to eating mooncakes on a quiet night during the Mid-Autumn Festival, my heritage has shaped many of my favorite experiences. I love learning about different traditions and holidays across cultures, and each piece in this Holidays & Traditions Collection provides deeper insight into the folklore, practices, and general history behind a myriad of Asian customs. Through this themed collection, I hope everyone can experience the heartwarming sensation of gathering with loved ones in a lively celebration of heritage and identity.

—Emma Wong

Thanksgiving Peking Duck

by Kaitlyn Fa

A heartwarming and empowering poem featuring mouthwatering imagery, divided into subsections based on food and its connection to family and identity, in order to combat anti-Asian notions.


““i’ll be ready / with my crown of duck / bejeweled with cucumber / wrapped in a sturdy pancake / and a side of boiled pride / to eat away ignorance / and reclaim my culture”


by Siona Wadhawan

An uplifting narrative intertwining the history of Diwali with the author’s personal experiences and childhood memories.


“Dozens of tiny clay candles, or diyas as they are called in Hindi, litter the driveway. Each flame glows vividly, bathing in the pale radiance of the moon, transforming the pavement into a beautiful starry night.”

Cultural Connections: How Transracial Adoptees Celebrate Lunar New Year

by Amanda Winters

An insightful spotlight on various Chinese adoptees’ experiences with the Lunar New Year, emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap of potential cultural disconnect.


“As Chinese adoptees find new ways to come into their Chinese identity and celebrate the traditions of the culture that has been taken away, it is always important to keep sharing these stories not only for other adoptees, but for the larger Asian community as well.”

The Process of a Tea Ceremony

by Lex Kobashigawa

A detailed description of the tea infusion process during a Gongfu tea ceremony, a preparation method originating in Fujian, near the Chinese province of Guangdong. The intricacies of each step are illustrated in careful detail, and the piece plays to all five senses, leaving readers feeling refreshed.


“The first infusion was the most vibrant. An eternity of masterful brewing being poured into the aroma cup.”


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