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Pieces On Emotions


Part of identifying as an Asian person, is the hate and bigotry that comes with looking, “sounding”, or just being Asian. While my parents' experiences with racism are different from my own, the same underlying racist tones are present in both our lives. Especially with the COVID Pandemic and the rise in Asian-Hate, it didn’t matter if you were young or old because hate impacts everyone. I might’ve not recognized the underlying hateful tones around me growing up, but as I look back, I realize how much they’ve shaped my identity now. For one, I might never have applied to DAY if there wasn’t the call to change the narrative for the Asian community. In this thematic collection, writers Eric, Feileen, and Keeren explore the many perspectives and emotions of confronting racism.

—Amelia R

How do I tell Him?

By Eric Nhem

A narrative that features a conversation between Eric’s childhood self and his current self that explores complicated emotions around Asian hate.


"And you?"

By Feileen Li

A dialogue between Feileen and her father as they discuss their personal feelings about racism and all the messy emotions in between.


An Apology

by Keeren Maria Setokusumo

An apology letter from Keeren to her loved ones that bears the burdens she holds, her guilt, resentment, and regrets.



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