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I have not paused and thought for a while

Not about school, career, direction, future but just about the moment

Fear, that bullet quietly lodged inside, somewhere, doesn’t make itself visible but also prevents itself from being forgotten,

Sometimes it thrives, like a nurtured seed, and sometimes it frails

I always forget that I get to control its growth, somewhat

If I don’t pause

I don’t pause to think about what I want;

the seed grows

I am at an intersection, facing crossroads that seem daunting, like each wrong direction could mean misery of a lifetime

But as I pause I wonder what is it that I really desire


It comes in so many forms, and sometimes I forget that

the souls of these forms are in fact one

One of pure joy and care

A lover is, at its core, no different than a sister, a mother, a friend

in the purity and sincerity of their love for you, for me

Love connects, heals, creates, and even in the toughest of times

it makes us better

But when I forget to pause I forget to love

Forget the winds carry messages of strength

the grass beckons us to interact and congregate

forget that this life is more than just what we see, feel, hear, taste

but also how we simply be

Pause and be, then all will fall into place.

Editors: Luna Y., Nicole O.


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