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Updated: May 22

When we were younger, we talked.

We said

People in the movies are fake

But we tried to be like them anyways,

Make your skin whiter

Make your face lighter

Turn your voice into silent gold.

We said

We knew we are real people

But we tried unrealistic things anyways

Waists can’t be that small

Thighs are never that skinny

But that never stopped us from running more

And eating less.

We said

Who cares what they think?

But we cared more than anyone.

We heard every word they said

Our eyes were too dark

Our hair not fair enough

We saw no one like us on tv.

As we grew, we learned otherwise.

We learned

That when we sit in the sunlight,

our skin shines golden

and our hair becomes vibrant

shining and hued

We glow in the lighting we were made for.

We learned

That skinny thighs come with a price