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No More Martyrs

Updated: Mar 12

i have this distinct image of a Lowe's garden store

sweet and soft greenery, buying mulch for a fleeting summer project

and stacks and stack upon stacks of fertilizer piled beyond my height

i remember-

"blood soil"

did you know?

dried blood, blood meal as it is known in the botanical community, is a fantastic nitrogen amendment.

in other words, it makes all greenery

sweeter and softer

it is a basis of flourishing

a fertilizer

a catalyst for growth.

i remember, freshman year-

we pasted stickers on the backs of our ID cards

"in the event that i die from gun violence, please publicize the photo of my death"

America, we are watching you.

the fabled John Hughes high school movie was never brought to fruition, i don't ever expect it to

be; life and liberty are intertwined like revolution and youth, and there are always things that seem bigger than your fantasies, things that are more important.