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JULY '22

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Summer scribbling HAGS in junior yearbooks.

Summer stretching languidly into sunsets.

Summer truth-or-daring wildness.

Summer like a rabid dog

Summer sky.

Summer spitballing into closed pools.

Summer slashing silhouettes across heat-risen horizons.

Summer bikini, on sale 50% off.

Summer slamming shoulder blades against apartment garage cars.

Summer napping to the asphalt heaving like a second heartbeat in the record July temperatures,

dreaming of siamese twins.

Summer saying my name.

Summer saying yours.

Summer like the wrong side of a knife.

Summer split open by car alarms wailing for recollection.

Summer sizzling into overheated elastic bikini tops.

Summer slinking back to mothers’ phone calls at 11.

Summer aspirin for a pounding headache.

Summer backdoor shut tight.






Editor(s): Blenda Y., Uzayer M., Alisha B.

Photo Credits: Unsplash


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