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Dear Kanye West

Updated: 3 days ago

Dear Kanye West,

We heard that you were running for president.

We saw your tweet, saw


saw our future crumbling to pieces,

saw the doubt and distrust in your God’s words,

saw the quilt of our nation tearing apart, thread by thread.

Here’s our 6 precedents on why we won’t vote for you.

Dear Swag King Cole,

Dear Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West,

You hold countless names for yourself, yet the list only goes on,

“The cure for cancer,” or “the number one human being in music”,

“The greatest artist that God has ever created”

How badly do you crave attention?

It seems as if you need the world’s eyes on you to live, to breathe,

Study me closely, praise me, worship me,


Drown me with your compliments

Until I am satis