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Dear Asian Girl

Updated: 3 days ago

a spoken word poem. watch the performance here.

Dear Asian Girl,

Let me tell you a story.

She was young, at first.

Young and proud, at first.

Roots nurtured by her ancestors,

she would lie on the ground

to soak up their wisdom.

Short, stubby branches reached out

to touch their souls

and she would feel the life

that once danced on this sacred land.

She would taste the golden nectar of her language

from the seeds her mother planted.

Her pride: the sunlight that fed,

her stories: the sweet water that nurtured,

her traditions: the soila structure of all things beautiful.

But soon her branches grew,

grew into the unknown

and she went into the world

in search of greener pastures.

But instead she found dying roots.

Savage—they called her.

Chink, Paki, Dink, Gook, Raghead.

They claimed she stung with her thorns

but they didn’t know her thorns were her beauty.