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Updated: Mar 12

i've been thinking

everything comes down to circles.

from the tiniest specks of dust to the planetary orbit,

don't you think there are multiverses within an atom, in the same way our solar system is a series of concentric rings?

stretching on and on and on,

round and around,

encircled in one another

interesting how the act of living is a conversation within this endless embrace

how we maintain the most delicate balancing acts,

because once I learned about Zeno's paradox in my algebra class and my heart softened like sand into pearls

and i wondered if it could have been felt a million,


trillion miles from where I was,

that tiniest shift in the paradigm

and it seems like i am always reaching for somebody halfway away and halfway away and halfway away

"nothing is truly touching"

It’s the gaps between our fingers and the space between our teeth

things that can never, will never, should never be closed.

there's infinite space between finite spaces,

I think about how pi stretches beyond comprehension

so full of circles

balanced meticulously so everything may coexist next to each other without ever actually intersecting

the same way two parallel lines may never meet

the same way there will be people you see every single


who you never

actually know

without gravity, imagine our collisions

could stars fall, crashing in a day?

would we utterly implode, atoms touching, finally bridging the vast infinity?

you don’t ask strangers in the supermarket intimate, existential questions;

once we are freed of our terrible inhibitors

and constructs,