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Authentically Asian: A Collection of Stories and Experiences by Asian Youth

Updated: Feb 19

Everyone has a story itching to be told. In light of the recent rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, this article aims to be a collection of authentically told Asian stories. By sharing our experiences, we hope to showcase the diversity in the Asian community and enable accurate and holistic representation. Enjoy a few stories from members of the Dear Asian Youth and TV Wasteland community.


American Lie


Riya Watches Her Sisters Fight for Honour (The Last Barfi)

5th October 2019.

Durga Puja is Riya’s favourite time of year—

this year is no different. Music swells

in the belly of her mother’s kitchen as she recites another prayer

before the day’s end. Riya would like to pray herself,

but struggles without Ma’s direction,

aware of her inevitably incorrect diction.

She prays anyway. Thank you for my family,

thank you for these blessings.