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A Virgo’s Fall

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Don’t have time

Running out of time

I can help

Can’t stand you

You think like a 5 year old

I can’t keep doing this

The stress

Its building up

Take a deep breath and calm down

Don’t have time

To calm down

Got to keep moving

There’s no time to stop

What I’m going to do

Need help?

No , I can do this

I got this

I will finish

Just need to focus

Can’t hand in rushed work

Tick tock

You stupid clock

Just say a little prayer


Soon this would be over

Don’t worry

Here’s a tissue

Go away

Why would I need a tissue

I don’t crack under pressure like a Libra

I’m a virgo

Can’t I get some respect

I’m not asking for love

I don’t need it

I would love to help you

What is wrong with these stars

I’m an independent woman

I don’t need your pity love

I need to focus





be ...

She fainted!

That’s what she gets

I offered to help

I saw her scream at the clock

I offered her tissue, she was sweating

She’s probably a virgo

If she is she would be the 5th one this week

Oh how the Virgo’s have fallen.

-Deborah Ugo-Omenukwa


A Virgo's Fall is how being an independent perfectionist can cause someone to fall alone and hard.



Deborah Ugo-Omenukwa (she/hers) is a sophomore based in NY. She is the founder + director of Just Ask A Teen an Advice page (IG: just.ask.a.teen)! She wants to be a Lawyer and Judge. She also has an interest in forensic and criminal psychology. She writes poetry and songs to let her emotions and thoughts roam somewhere outside of her head.

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