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From the perspective of a 17 year-old Indian

Cracks, clocks, colors

determined my grade, fate, and birth date.

Numbers found in astrology

affect the state of my psychology.

Sights of cats, cows, and crows

all elicited different reactions. From

foes to friends, everyone believed in them.

Confused by this cultural haze and

navigated through doubt in this maze,

Growing up this is how I deciphered



Full moons meant prayers and blessings.

Solar eclipses meant prayers and omens.

Charting each constellations effect

on the choices I make and manipulating destiny

by choosing the right company.

Yellow on Thursday and white on Saturday.

Making wishes over fallen eyelashes, at 11:11

with one candle left.

Growing up this is how i deciphered


Gems, crystals, stones

Red threads around my wrist

and powder between my brows.

Joint hands in prayer each morning

with whispered manifestations cooking over fire.

Fingers crossed and touching wood,

Itchy palms full of curd,

Gazing at statues and distributing blessed food,

Right hand for prasad and right foot forward

Growing up this is how I deciphered



Editor(s): Rajeshwari T.

Photo Credits: Unsplash


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