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Let The Light In

We are thrilled to present you with the Spring 2024 Dear Asian Youth Literature Zine! This zine includes pieces of art and literature created by the talented members of both the Literature Department and our audience.

Let The Light In

The theme of this spring’s zine is “Let the Light In.” In the wake of constant acts of racism and discrimination, violence against our communities, and intergenerational trauma, it is important that we find the space to navigate complex feelings of anger, pain, and loss. Yet, we must also hold space for ourselves—to honor those who came before us and to reflect on what our communities, families, and identities mean to us. We must embrace the path to feeling empowered in the identities we find true to ourselves, wherever we might currently find ourselves on this path. In spite of the encroaching darkness, we must seek to let the light of radical joy and acceptance in.

We hope you can resonate with our stories and find the space to celebrate your own identity, culture, and personal history.

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