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Farial Eliza Jackman

Farial Eliza Jackman


A mixed race first-generation Afghan-American, Farial is a writer and intuitive tarot reader, blessed to be born and raised on unceded Chochenyo Ohlone land, AKA the San Francisco Bay Area. Farial is also the co-host of {m}aganda magazine's IGTV series {m}TV, the Director of Storytelling at the Empowerment Collective, and a writer at Her Culture Magazine. She has a deep love for building community and uses her platforms to help folks not only discover, but own their beautiful identities and creativity. She is a self-proclaimed educator, poet, creator, director, writer, and storyteller. Life path follower #8, represented by the strength card in tarot, she leads her life in hopes of building and uplifting her communities and all the communiti

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