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The Hands that Raised Me

Trish Luu

The Hands that Raised Me
a drawing by Trish Luu

- Trish Luu

This drawing depicts the hands of my mother—the hands that raised me. My parents, both immigrants from Vietnam, sacrificed all they knew to give my sister and I the opportunity to achieve our own dreams. We have seen a sharp increase in attacks against Asians and Asian-Americans throughout the last year due to COVID-19. Xenophobia, racism, and hate crimes against the AAPI community have always been present in our society, but this pandemic has brought to light actions that used to take place behind closed doors. I want to give back to the AAPI community by selling 8.5” x 11” art prints of my original piece! Each print is $15. A portion of the earnings gained from these art prints will go directly to the AAPI community. Your contribution will aid victims of hate crimes, rebuild communities that have been targeted and attacked, fund programs that fight social injustices, increase education and awareness on racist policies, and much more.


Trish is an incoming freshman at the University of Utah who plans on majoring in Graphic Design. She creates art in hopes of spreading awareness and educating those in her community. With that said, she has actually sold original pieces and donated all of the proceeds to nonprofit organizations.

Instagram: trishl_art

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