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Chris Fong Chew and Yi-Ann Li

a short story by Chris Fong Chew & Yi-Ann Li

I had arrived almost an hour late to the party          I can barely feel the thumping of the bass

that night. As I walked up, one of my friends           beat through the door behind me. As the

walked up with a red solo cup and told me               designated sober friend, I quickly lost interest

“bottoms up.” without much hesitation I down       in the sweat and green-ish lights. I spent

                                                                                                       much of the night watching the rest of my

As the night goes on I realize how tired I am,          friends and making sure they never put their

and decide to leave. My friends decided to             drink down. I kept an eagle eye on my own

stay and see where the party goes. I tell them       cup, even though it remained untouched the

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