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Invisible Warriors of the Pandemic

Akshit Sharma

Invisible Warriors of the Pandemic
a photo series by Akshit Sharma

The number of deaths is increasing due to Covid-19 at an alarming rate, due to which the crematoriums are seeing a deluge of dead bodies specifically in the bigger cities of India. The workers there are working day and night putting their life at maximum risk. There are different stigmas related to these morticians due to which their work has always been neglected in the Indian society, but in this time of hardship we must come together to deal with this pandemic.

It is estimated that India may face a third wave of Corona virus which will be more fatal, if we still keep ignoring these crematorium workers, things might get worse for these invisible corona warriors of India and my goal from this project is to break the notions about them bring them their well-deserved acknowledgement from the society.


I'm a freelance Documentary Photographer/ Filmmaker. Since last few years I'm actively capturing the resistance happening in different parts of country. Currently I'm Documenting the ongoing Farmers Protest in India and also how India is dealing with covid19 .

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