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How To NOT Romanticize Resilience

Roma Manaois and Fiona Encarnacion

How To NOT Romanticize Resilience
an article by Roma Manaois and Fiona Encarnacion

Acknowledge the responsibility of officials to do better. People who behold power and capability must always settle for satisfactory results. Becoming complacent and content amid several unresolved issues produces subpar governance, tolerates slackers, and allows passivity. There should be discomfort and contempt when there is already an abuse of the citizens’ ability to withstand adversity. People shouldn’t allow the deprivation of their basic needs as they have the right to demand them. As young as we are, we should understand the importance of accountability. Citizens must be well-educated on the roles that different positions play while they remain coordinated with them. While we recognize that financial transparencies and clear frameworks do build more trust, we also should at all times maintain respect, dignity, and honor in dealing with and expressing distress concerning such officials.

Recognize the actions of the government. Awareness of undertaken measures helps arrive at more informed opinions. Being equipped with sufficient information enables people to evaluate the party at fault or lacking. With this in mind, seeking means to address concerns regarding demands for better and more initiatives from such parties is fairer and more balanced. Monitoring enables us to review history, acknowledge patterns, avoid economic losses, and vow to do well. We should often remind ourselves of the significance of prioritizing. People need to weigh if the made decisions are under their urgencies. Swift action must be taken upon conundrums that impact most negatively on citizens. We need to grasp the fact that the existence of actions doesn’t necessarily equate to progress. There should be a consideration of its necessity, practicality, and worthwhether the time spent and the effort applied are proved to be beneficial.

Condemn the saying, “That’s the spirit!” No doubt, there are people out there who are known to be resourceful; who are recognized as tough-to-break and creative individuals. However, there will always be a certain limitation where the work just becomes too overwhelming to handle where it becomes depressing having to keep on finding money to eat for the day, or seeking clean water to bathe, knowing that this routine will repeat itself tomorrow. Where describing them as such resilient and persevering people, only overshadows the bigger picture that is their struggles. We somehow found a way to perceive the hardships poverty-stricken people encounter, as an example of a noble act of fortitude; when in reality, photographs and stories that contain these “heroic” actions, are cries for help. It may be heartening to see kids cross rivers to attend school, but shouldn’t seeing them arrive with dry clothes and fresh spirits give us greater joy?

Remind yourself that your actions DO have impacts. Sure, we are still children, we are still young and unknowing of a lot of things; but one thing is for certain: that the suffering of our brothers and sisters are being normalized and dismissed. We may feel powerless, or too insignificant to have a voice; but if small things add up, it will create an enormous sum. Why not do something with our privilege and comfortability, and contribute to alleviating even a bit, of the hardships other people go through? Why not learn more, join a cause, sign petitions, donate, and educate our friends and family about this wrongful glorification of resilience? There is now no excuse for our idleness in contributing to the betterment of the people’s well-being. Use the opportunities we are presented with, to present opportunities for others, too. If you still don’t care, you better check your privilege. Destroy that snooze button and act on your wake-up call that has been ringing for far too long.

As 2020 hit us with different crises, the resilience and ability of people to withstand these adversities have been given much glorification. Having gone too far, the accountability of government officials and those responsible for such acts are diminished. As the youth, we must say that 2020 has brought us to continuously remain adamant and persistent in demanding liability. Because the capabilities of those oppressed become abused and overly romanticized, we must never forget to fight and eradicate subpar governance. 2020 has definitely proven that clear to us.


Two teens striving to express their political frustrations through writing and journalism, upholding moral values and fundamental human rights.

Instagram: @romamanaois and @fionaenca

Cover Photo Source: RCNi

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