This is a Man Who Has Been in Motion His Whole Life

Kiran Masroor

Literature Default
a poem by Kiran Masroor

My father, riding his blue bicycle on our driveway,

pauses to adjust the brakes.

Hovers in the equilibrium between the movement

and still. And still.

He rides, the wind lapping at the edges of his jeans

like little murmura.

He has journeyed across Earth his whole life.

His orbit around this planet: an act of devotion.

And in his pockets, he carried me with him,

to raise on this soil.

We travelled a long way together,

even before my birth.

And so,

even after his death

we will travel

even father.

And we will travel,

even farther.

A tribute to my immigrant father, and all he has done for me.


Kiran Masroor is a sophomore at Yale University where she’s majoring in Neuroscience. On campus, she is in the performance group, TEETH Slam Poets, and she greatly enjoys writing about her Pakistani culture. ​​​​​​​She also runs a poetry account where she explores the intersection of written word, musical, and visual arts (@poemsbykiran).