#DearAsianGirl is a movement that strives to empower Asian women across the globe. It is a celebration of the perseverance of Asian women, about the power of Asian women. For so many of us, it took time, energy, and an immense amount of love to finally appreciate our heritage. In honor of AAPI month, Dear Asian Youth is here to commemorate that journey we all embarked on. 

For me, I want to celebrate my mother, the strongest woman I know. She has gone through so much, yet she always puts on a brave face for me and my brother. Since I live in the United States for my education, she tries to fly over from China every month to see us, despite the toll it takes on her body. I miss her everyday, and she is one of the many reasons why I began this organization in the first place. My mother is the Asian woman I want to celebrate. What about you? What's your story?

We have be compiling everyone who participated in #DearAsianGirl into one space, so that we can see for ourselves the diverse, dynamic, and beautiful community we have created together. This is a collaborative effort, so we'd sincerely appreciate your participation!