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Podcast Audio Engineer

As the Audio Engineer for the Podcast, you will work on the technical aspects of recording and post-production for Dear Asian Girl. You will work on balancing and adjusting episode recording drafts from the co-hosts using equalization, dynamics processing and audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. You will work alongside the Podcast Director, Podcast Manager, and the four Podcast co-hosts.

Some of the responsibilities and expectations that are associated with this role include:
- assisting the co-hosts and podcast guests in recording their episodes;
- using software programs and/or plug-ins to edit the episodes in post-production;
- writing transcripts for each episode;
- ensuring that diversity and inclusion are core principles of your work at the organization; and
- attending and actively participating in weekly team meetings, work closely with other Podcast team members to create and execute ideas for each episode and season.

As a youth-led organization, all positions at Dear Asian Youth, including this position, are unpaid and volunteer-based.

Applications are due by

February 21, 2023

Qualities We Look For

Soft Skills: excellent audio software skills; passion for Dear Asian Youth's mission; integrity and honesty; strong work ethic, cross-collaboration/teamwork skills, ability to communicate and be organized

Hard Skills: excellent communication skills, relevant podcasting and/or public speaking experience (emceeing, hosting, recording, etc.); sound editing skills; strong time-management and flexibility; outreach experience; online content creation experience and creative visions; efficient typing skills

Previous experience with audio editing, mixing, and processing and use of DAW software such as, but not limited to, Adobe, Logic, or Audacity, are required.

A background in acoustics, sound engineering, music production, broadcast engineering, acoustical engineering, or electrical engineering and electronics and access to your own audio editing software are assets.


Please email if you have any questions about the role.

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