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Federal Policy Lead

The Policy Department is Dear Asian Youth's NEWEST department focused on creating legislative change. The Federal Policy team will be the first team created under the Policy Department.

As a Federal Policy Lead, you will work alongside one other Federal Policy Lead to lead the Federal Policy team. You will directly oversee Federal Policy Managers and Federal Policy Researchers.

The Federal Policy Team's focus will be to influence United States' policy on the federal level through: (1) Directly advocating to legislators for legislation that aligns with DAY's values.
(2) Hosting, supporting, publicizing, or organizing protests and rallies that align with DAY values.
(3) Partnering with organizations, organizers, or groups with the interest of creating policy change.
(4) Hosting advocacy or community events that push towards legislative or social change.
(5) Testifying at legislative hearings for policy or change that align with DAY's values.
(6) Supporting and uplifting community voices in cities by providing opportunities for the public to create substantial legislative change.
(7) Publicly denouncing legislation or legislators that do not align with DAY’s values.
(8) Endorsing and further publicizing legislation or causes that align with DAY's values.

As the Federal Policy Lead, you will be responsible for:
- Leading the Federal Policy Team, including creating the infrastructure of the Federal Policy Team
- Creating and enacting the long-term vision for DAY's Federal Policy focus
- Meeting with legislators to express DAY's policy views and advocate directly to them
- Partnering with organizations or organizers that align with DAY's values
- Manage the day-to-day of the Federal Policy Team.

Federal Policy Leads may be asked to travel (all expenses covered) to Washington D.C. for Policy meetings at the Capitol. Therefore, preference will be given to residents in the area; however, the position is open to ALL in the United States.

Most importantly, a leader at Dear Asian Youth needs to be passionate, hardworking, kind, and creative. You will be expected to facilitate a healthy and productive work environment in which all members of the Policy Department feel safe, heard, and respected.

This position will require up to 8-10/hrs per week.

Applications are due by

April 21, 2023

Qualities We Look For

Soft Skills: commitment to the cause, integrity/honesty, professional and proactive work ethic, creativity, healthy communication and teamwork capabilities, ability to motivate staff.

Hard Skills: excellent written communication skills, understanding of U.S. policy, effective time management skills and the ability to multitask, attention to detail, knowledge of legislative processes, political awareness, etc.


Email the Policy Director, Saoud (

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