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Chapter Committee

Chapter Lead

DAY Chapter Leads are an extension of Dear Asian Youth, bringing a piece of DAY's mission back to their own communities. With training and resources provided to them by the National Team, Chapter Leads have the opportunity to create direct impact in their communities by advocating for policy, spreading awareness about important issues, initiating campaigns and events, fundraising for local causes, and more.

Chapter Leads have autonomy over the direction they wish for their chapter to take, and what issues they want to address and tackle within their communities and beyond. Chapter Leads will receive all of the following from the DAY Chapter Program:

- Detailed onboarding and trainings aimed to assist leads with the development of their chapter
- One-on-one check-ins with Regional Leads from the DAY Core Team
- Multiple avenues of support and advice during the creation and establishment of their chapter
- Workshops focused on leadership and professional development
- Networking opportunities with the DAY Core Team and DAY chapters from across the globe
- Monthly comprehensive guides focused on various areas, including project management, team management, social media, partnerships, and more

Chapter Leads will be responsible for the following:

- Communicating regularly with Regional Leads from the DAY Core Team
- Attending check-in regional meetings hosted by Regional Leads
- Completing monthly check-in forms
- Establishing and effectively leading a team under their chapter
- Launching campaigns and projects under their chapter

Time commitment: at least 3 hours/week (the more time you are able to invest in your chapter, the more change you can create in your community!)

**If you are looking to be Co-Chapter Leads, please submit individual applications! Both applicants will be reviewed individually. Make sure to include the same chapter location and put a note in the final question so we are aware of this. **

All positions on the Dear Asian Youth team are currently unpaid, including Executive Board positions. However, Dear Asian Youth does work to provide many opportunities to our members through networking, professional development, mentorship, and training.

Qualities We Look For

A commitment and dedication to creating local change, a desire to learn and improve, a passion for Asian advocacy and leadership, excellent communication skills, and a commitment and dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion

There are no experience requirements to apply to be a Chapter Lead.


Chapter Co-Directors, Rohan Lokanadham and Jaanvi Muchanthla (

Applications are due by

June 29, 2024

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