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Social Media

Social Media Researcher

The Social Media Department runs and creates content for Dear Asian Youth’s various social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and Discord.

As a Social Media Researcher, your main duty is to create factually accurate, nuanced, and ethical social media and Instagram post scripts by researching various academic and journalistic sources. Your responsibilities will also include posting content on our Instagram (@DearAsianYouth) and engaging with our audience on various platforms.

You will work under the guidance of the Research Managers, Content Leads, and Social Media Directors.

You are expected to write/research for 1 post every month, in addition to contributing to any emergency posts needing writing.

Time commitment: 3-6 hours/week + bi-weekly meetings

Applications are due by

March 16, 2023

Qualities We Look For

Soft Skills: commitment to the cause, integrity, honesty, strong work ethic, healthy communication and teamwork capabilities.

Hard Skills: excellent written skills (ability to write clearly and concisely), creativity to improve and develop projects, attention to detail and virality, ability to adequately research and synthesize a wide variety of sources, ability to tell compelling stories.


Please email,, or should you have any questions!

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