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Social Media

Co-Head of Social Media

Social media fanatics, passionate activists, devoted infographic-readers — we’re calling on you! Become a Co-Head of Social Media and play a direct role in curating content for Dear Asian Youth's audience.

The Social Media Team strives to create appealing, informative, and impactful social media content to educate our audience and showcase the diversity of the Asian community. You will be expected to co-lead the team by directly managing social media team members, plan social media strategies, and facilitate team operations.

Responsibilities for this position include:
Co-lead the DAY Social Media Team
Oversee DAY's activity across all of our social media accounts
Approve DAY's social media plans, finalized content, etc.
Host multiple weekly meetings to sync with relevant team members and social media leadership
Ensure DAY is effectively conducting advocacy through social media
This position will require up to 12/hrs per week.

Qualities We Look For

Soft Skills: commitment to the cause, integrity/honesty, professional and proactive work ethic, creativity, healthy communication and teamwork capabilities, ability to motivate staff.

Hard Skills: excellent written communication skills, experience in marketing, effective time management skills and the ability to multitask, attention to detail, experience with digital marketing forms such as social media marketing and content marketing.


Applications are due by

June 29, 2024

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