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HR Admin Lead

Organized professionals, empathetic communicators, and dedicated team builders — we’re calling on you! Become a member of our Operations Department and play a direct role in managing the administrative operations for our diverse and vibrant organization.

The HR Admin Team strives to ensure smooth administrative processes and foster a positive and inclusive work environment. As a HR Admin Lead, you will be expected to address email inquiries, assist with onboarding, and implement improvements to team culture. You will co-lead the Admin Committee within the Operations Department, working closely with your co-lead to ensure effective and cohesive HR practices.

Your responsibilities include:

Leading and coordinating the Admin Committee within the Operations Department alongside your co-lead.
Addressing email inquiries and providing timely responses to internal and external stakeholders.
Assisting with the onboarding process to ensure new team members are smoothly integrated into Dear Asian Youth.
Creating and managing email communications for various HR initiatives and updates.
Developing and implementing initiatives to improve team culture and enhance team cohesion.
Collecting and analyzing feedback from team members to continuously improve HR practices and the overall work environment.
Most importantly, a HR Admin Lead at Dear Asian Youth needs to be compassionate, organized, and proactive. You will be expected to facilitate a healthy and productive work environment where all members feel safe, heard, and respected. As one of the members of the Operations Department, you will also make other administrative decisions that steer Dear Asian Youth towards a sustainable future.

Time commitment: 5-10 hours/week, including weekly department meetings and other team meetings

Qualities We Look For

Soft Skills:

Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Empathy and active listening abilities
Conflict resolution and problem-solving skills
Organizational and time management skills

Hard Skills

Basic experience with HR practices and policies
Some knowledge of recruitment and onboarding processes
Some familiarity with employee relations and conflict resolution
Ability to develop and implement HR initiatives and strategies
Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Suite
Tech-savvy with the ability to adapt to new HR software and tools


Applications are due by

June 29, 2024

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