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Social Media

Instagram Lead

Social media fanatics, passionate activists, devoted infographic readers — we’re calling on you! Become a Instagram Lead and play a direct role in curating content for our 90k+ Instagram following.

The Social Media Team strives to create visually appealing and informative Instagram content to both educate our audience and showcase the diversity of the Asian community.

As a Instagram Lead, you will be an integral part of the leadership within the Social Media Department, collaborating closely with the Heads of Social Media to craft plans and strategies that steer DAY's Instagram presence toward a sustainable future. Your role will involve managing deadlines, fine-tuning scripts, devising Instagram strategies, and fostering team engagement to maintain high motivation. Given the editorial nature of the role, a sharp eye for detail and strong research and writing skills are essential. You should also be well-informed about current news and have a strong awareness of social and Asian issues.

Time commitment: 8 hours/week, including weekly team meetings.

Your responsibilities include:
Co-lead the DAY Instagram Team
Oversee the content creation process for DAY's Instagram
Draft DAY's Monthly Social Media Schedule
Manage Instagram Writers, ensure posts are high-quality and on schedule
Coordinate with DAY's Design Team to ensure posts are designed in a timely manner
Spearhead DAY's efforts to break emergency news on social media

Qualities We Look For

Soft Skills: commitment to the cause, integrity, strong work ethic, strong dependability, creativity, outstanding communication, teamwork capabilities, adaptability, leadership, and grounded knowledge in politically sensitive content.

Hard Skills: strong editing and researching skills, excellent written communication skills, social media management experience


Applications are due by

June 29, 2024

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