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Dear Asian Youth Podcast Director Application

As Dear Asian Youth's Podcast Director, you are responsible for leading and overseeing all aspects of Dear Asian Girl, including team meetings, episode curation, outreach efforts, and more. You will be working with a dedicated team of Co-hosts, Researchers, and Social Media Team Members, as well as other Dear Asian Youth Departments to plan and execute content and grow our audience. In addition to your role on the Podcast Team, you will also fulfill director responsibilities on the Executive Board, including attending weekly board meetings, participating in organization-wide projects, developing and enforcing Dear Asian Youth policies, etc.

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:
- Overseeing progress of episode creation
- Ensuring the production of high quality episodes
- Reviewing episode outlines and recordings and providing constructive feedback
- Creating promotional strategies with the Social Media and Marketing Teams
- Guiding the vision of Dear Asian Girl
- Planning and leading team meetings
- Attending Executive Board meetings and participating in Board discussions
- Facilitating team bonding events and building team moral

Time commitment: 7-10 hours/week + weekly meetings

Applications Due By (Your Local Time)
August 26, 2022, 7:00:00 AM

Qualities We Look For

Soft Skills: creativity, strong work ethic, dedication to DAY’s mission, excellent time management, strong communication and collaboration skills, great attention to detail, ability to be proactive
Hard Skills: podcasting experience, audio editing and mixing experience, ability to provide constructive feedback


Please email should you have any questions!