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Women with Vision, Prom Dress, Asian and American, Empowered Women, The Present is Female

Updated: May 29, 2023


Biography: Jasmine uses her art to stand up and speak out about the injustices in society. She diverges from the conventional depiction of femininity, and instead, painted raw and genuine human experiences that so many women have faced–gender, class, and race. She hopes to spark uncomfortable yet pressing conversations that ignite change in her community. Because never has it been so clear that society needs long-term decisive action to defend civil liberties, champion civil rights, and stand in solidarity with those who are marginalized. Securing these basic human rights is more than giving opportunities to a single person–it’s about changing mindsets and hearts, rewriting laws and policies, and investing in youth. Without illustrating one’s truth and dissenting opinions, she believes that society loses its capacity and tenacity to determine if its laws and systems are just. Although sometimes she stands alone, her art stands up for those who cannot speak, those who are not seen, and for those who have been silenced. Because when society fails to speak up, even one illustration can change the world.


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