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West District

Updated: Mar 26

“We need to meet tonight,” Min stated, sliding into the empty seat across from Jung-hee. Jung-hee blinked. He stared at Min like a deer in headlights.

“What?”, he said after a few moments had passed.

“For our project,” Min reminded him. Jung-hee only shrugged. Min tossed her hands in the air. “It’s due in two weeks.”

One of Jung-hee’s friends, Ishaan, waved a hand in dismissal. “That’s a problem for two weeks from now.”

“Hey Min,” Elijah nodded, “is Jade still mad at me?”

Min ignored Elijah and looked back at Jung-hee. “We’re meeting tonight.”

Jung-hee shifted around uncomfortably. “Tonight doesn’t work for me.”

“Tonight is the only night that works for me,” Min said.

Her hands were crossed on the circular, white lunch table. She could hear her friends– several tables away— giggling at the situation. The fluorescent, high school lights shone on them as Min tapped her feet on the red and white floors. The conversations around them ranged from today’s homework to heated debates on the best brand of chocolate milk. But Min was focused on Jung-hee. And Jung-hee was trying to hide inside his hoodie. Min raised a brow.

“Why doesn’t tonight work for you?” “I need to get a haircut.”

“It’s gonna take the entire night?”

Jung-hee paused.

“I have a lot of hair.”

Ishaan pointed at Jung-hee’s fluffy, black hair. It covered his forehead, eyebrows, and most of his ears. “You have a gorgeous head of hair. Never cut it.”

“Agreed!” Min exclaimed. “Never cut it.”

Jung-hee gulped. “My mom really wants me to.”

“I’m sure your mom also wants you to get an A on your project.”

Jung-hee stared at Min.

Min stared at Jung-hee.

“Fine,” Jung-hee said, sighing. “What time?”

“Seven-thirty at the library.” Min smiled. “Bring your textbook, laptop, and highlighters.”

“I don’t have highlighters.”

“That’s fine. You can use mine.” Min stood up and wiped her hands. “See you later.”

“Looking forward to it,” Jung-hee muttered, and Min rolled her eyes and spun around.

She walked back to her table, sat down, and huffed. “Ten years are taken away from my life everytime I talk to those guys.”

“I still think Mrs. Nishimura paired you with Jung-hee