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We Know

Updated: May 28, 2023

I’ve been told that I’m too outspoken.

I’ve been told that my whole generation is outspoken

from strangers, to friends, to family

I’ve been told that our outspokenness is a problem,

That I am the problem.

I mean, I guess we can talk too much, talk too loud, talk until we don’t know when to shut up

but there just seems to be endless problems all around us,

Consuming our thoughts and reality persistently

Pressing up against our throats,

Transforming this world into a never ending hell-

Wait. I’m sorry, I almost forgot,

We are already burning,

Our Earth is failing and living out her last years,

but I guess I’ll have to just stop and let it be,

For your convenience, I’ve decided to not be outspoken because the best thing that I can do

is stay put,

and no.

Raising awareness is just not the answer..

You know, you’re right.

I think that the younger generations should just be thankful for once in our lives

Be so thankful and forget all the hardships you’ve passed on to us,

Look at this perfect painting we’ve been given, stare at it,

Admire it, hang it up where everyone will see what you’ve given,

But don’t touch it. Don’t peel back its layers and reveal the faded picture

Don’t try to create change. Don’t even try,

Let me inspire you, but not too much.

Only up to the point where my struggles become anchors weighing you down,

and my story is one in a billion, one that you will never reach,

Please, stop. Your protesting is getting annoying,

When will you appreciate the things you have and stop complaining.

I tell you

that my generation knows how diverse we are.

We know what you have given us,

Both the wonders and messes,

So I’m sorry if we’re too outspoken.

I’m sorry if we talk too much, or too loud, or until we don’t know when to shut up.

But there’s actual change that needs to happen.

Change is happening right now,

We need to change, create it, be it,

We coexist between your meaningless remarks and our changemaking voices,

So you’re welcome,

for being too outspoken.


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