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Tiger Moon

Updated: Feb 19

summer mornings

a cicada orchestra playing their repertoire of

Ralph Vaughn Williams

with a barbershop quartet of frogs

bellowing out their croony love songs

the scent of wilting flowers

petals cracking, shattering

under the slightest brush of

the wind’s hand

and a moon

a persistent moon

a silver pupil in a

brilliantly blue-jay iris

a piercing moon

beautiful Selene and lovely Chang’e

she wanders to places where

she should not

observes domains where

she should not stay

in the sun’s domain,

violent sun

piercing sun

blinding sun,

her radiance does not fade

she stands on her own

how i would like to stand with her

and bask in her shimmering power

all the more so when

she persists in the day

tiger moon

i squint my eyes to see her stripes


i open my eyes again and they