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There is a Flaw in Our System

Updated: Feb 19, 2023


Top Piece:

Our culture has normalized viewing consent as anything but a clear “no,” when in reality, consent is ONLY a clear “yes.” It has also been normalized to view consent as “expected” in a relationship, and to view consent to one thing as consent to everything. This is not the case, nor is it okay. My piece shows a person trapped in a cage labeled “yes,” with a scale above, weighing 1 yes over 1,000 no’s. The cage shows how the person is “trapped” within saying yes once or yes to one thing, despite changing their mind, being forced to consent, or whatever the reason may be.

Bottom Piece:

The scale shows what’s been normalized in our society, and the words “There is a Flaw in our System” refers to the issue of constantly ignoring consent and sexual assault. (For the one with the flowers): With the outbreak of the COVID-19 came a “new” wave of racism, which was never really new to begin with. Anti-Asian remarks and assault in response to COVID-19 stemmed from the deep-rooted racism of many Americans. I made this piece to raise awareness for numerous incidents (each one is represented by a flower), and to reiterate that the outbreak of COVID-19 does not excuse or justify any racist remarks or acts that are constantly overlooked and normalized in our society.



16 year old surrealist artist from Maryland



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