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The White Court

Updated: Apr 2

Dear Asian Youth,

when i was ten

i learned

how to

swallow myself

“Asians eat dogs.” I blink, confused. The statement doesn’t necessarily bother me. It seemed to make people laugh, in fact. I heard the lilting, teasing cadence of their voices, the giggles that graced their undertones. Surely, they meant no harm, right? Who was I to be someone that ruined that kind of laughter? Nobody likes a person who takes things too seriously, so I laugh through my too-thin glasses and choppy hair. I wring my hands and laugh, belly full of dread. “Yeah, they do.” I tuck away my tupperware, the scent of last night’s chorizo still hanging in the air.

i learned

that i cared

too much


too hard

i wonder

what that means, i

tried to scrub

my skin clean

of dirt