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The Perils In Asian Beauty Standards: A Plague To Society

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

- Isabel Jo


Isabel is a self-taught graphic designer that is passionate about all things creative. She's always been compelled to make illustrations to tell stories and create a personal world, particularly about social and environmental issues, in the hopes of empowering others. She believes that art may be utilized to raise awareness about taboo topics that must be addressed.



Growing up, a lot of models and actors were stereotypes of Asians. This false and unhealthy ideal of "beauty" is propagated via movies, magazine covers, and beauty pageants. Unfortunately, these norms sometimes put people in danger. If you don't have the ideal features, you may be labeled "ugly" or "not Asian enough," and society may dismiss you merely because your appearance does not conform to society's common view or norm. People are therefore pressured to look a specific way and strive to change their appearance to conform to society's expectations. It's necessary to acknowledge that beauty is subjective, and what counts most is what we bring to the table in order to have a positive impact on today's society, not having low self-esteem due to not fitting in with society’s popular opinion. Why fit in when you can stand out?

Instagram: @_isabeljo


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