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Tea in a Nutshell: More Than Just a Beverage

From the boldness of pu’er and black tea to the soothing chamomile and the most recent innovation, bubble tea, the existence of tea has accompanied human society since more than 2,500 years ago. Spreading from the east to the west, historically, tea has many stories: from its medicinal uses as an important cultural aspect in several countries, as well as a trade commodity between countries, its richness and ability to be innovated into a variety of beverages makes it an important aspect of society today.

It is a very unique and comforting thing that countries, especially those in Asia, have their own customs with their tea. It is not merely a beverage but an embodiment of a cultural process that happens in each region. It is an art and a reflection of how people infuse their emotions and interpretation to a drink. A prominent example can be found in Japanese tea ceremonies, also known as Chanoyu or Sado. This practice is a way of fostering harmony, tranquility, and respect, this tea ceremony continues to be an integral part of Japanese culture.

The tradition of drinking tea in Asia, both as a sacred ritual and as a simple drink to be enjoyed, is an interesting topic to explore. Tea has the ability to bring people together, allow individuals to connect and develop friendships just by sitting down and drinking together, making the essence of tea very meaningful.

We also have the capability to “create” our tea. By pouring our thoughts, we can start perceiving tea not only as a herbal drink, but as a medium to express messages to loved ones. So, have you had your cup of tea today?

“A cup of tea is a cup of peace”


Editors: Phoebe H., Alisha B., Uzayer M.


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