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Taser Mouth

Updated: May 28, 2023

Religion, and beliefs,

Should not be the chain,

That binds our hands,

To a needle pricked chair.

It should not claw our eyes,

To see life through your mind––

It should not choke our hearts,

From choosing a deck of cards.

It broke my heart,

When you looked at me with disgust,

As I recite a Holy Book you won’t touch;

It tied my legs with rope of distrust,

Cracking a reef of barrier between us.

- Religion should unite, not destroy.


'Taser Mouth' tells how different beliefs can sometimes divide and crack families in two. Especially in this generation, an age when we are exposed to diverse cultures and various religions that may alter our old beliefs–– Which most of the time, resulted in a rival with generations of old family values.

Biography: I'm a nineteen year old poet and writer from Indonesia, who aims to use literature as a way to help others as well. My poetry account @Rielism started out with the initial goal to be the voice of others, and with all my heart, I do hope it does.

Cover photo source: Hayley Nagelberg,


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